When speaking of Akatsuki's goals, Nagato demonstrated a contemplative side as to the nature of war and peace, matching his belief that war was the inevitable result of the nature of humanity. Despite his fragile state and damaged legs, Kabuto Yakushi regarded Nagato as his second most powerful reincarnated shinobi, second only to an enhanced Madara Uchiha. Orochimaru offered to kill them in order to end their suffering, but Jiraiya, guilty over his participation in the war, offered to teach them how to look out for themselves.[11]. We know Nagato is problably around Minato's/Kushina's age , when Kushina came to Konoha she was little and was still in Konoha Academy so her village must been destroyed/attacked before or while she had the age to enter the Academy. He thinks he has an answer finally, but first wants to hear more about Nagato, especially since they both trained under Jiraiya yet turned out very differently. He reminds the kid how ninja usually focus on one aspect of the battle: the techniques that are expected. Nagato begins to call himself Pain in Naruto Shippuden as he becomes more and more unhinged and begins to really look at what he wants to accomplish. So how is she related to Kushina, Nagato and Naruto??? The site called him "one of the most philosophically and psychologically complex characters" due to the depth he brought to the series and the impact he had on the story, not only for his crimes but for the way he tried to redeem himself in his final moments interacting with Naruto. He showed no hesitation in attempting to kill his former teacher Jiraiya, stating that all love for Jiraiya had long since died. He recognises the Deva Path as Yahiko, causing him to question his assumption that Pain is Nagato. When he met Yahiko he tried to break this habit by following Yahiko's philosophy that crying wouldn't change anything, but the attempt was unsuccessful. [19] The game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution shows the organization of the Akatsuki group. In this post, we will go through the five strongest and the five weakest characters from the Pain arc. Nagato (Japanese: 長門), known primarily under the alias of Pain (ペイン, Pein), is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.Nagato appears as the acting leader of the Akatsuki who wish to capture the tailed beasts sealed into various shinobi around the shinobi world. The Deva Path deals with her easily and apparently kills her. [13] Once they were able to defeat one of his shadow clones in a fight, Jiraiya decided they were ready to forge out on their own and he returned to Konoha, confident they would bring reform to the country. In theory, each of the Six Paths of Pain could be used to perform any technique that Nagato himself was capable of. Nagato's past was viewed as too tragic by Anime News Network, citing the death of his parents among other desperate scenes that led the reviewer to feel it was too dark for a series aimed at a young demographic. He sends Konan to track down whoever it is while he deploys the Animal Path. When he started training to be a ninja he parted his hair so that only his right eye was covered. She breaks away from the Akatsuki that Tobi has corrupted, trying to fight for the ideals that the organisation originally represented. Notable among the few unused concept designs for him is a small sketch where Pain appears to wear a partial mask with a feather or horn-like accessories fitted to his forehead protector. He Was Though To Be The Child Of Prophecy. Is Jiraiya still alive in Boruto? Pain explains the plan of attack: the Asura, Animal, and Preta Paths will destroy the village's infrastructure and draw the attention of its ninja while Konan and the Deva, Human, and Naraka Paths try to find information on Naruto's location. So don't say I'm bluffing or anything. From absorbing some of the Eight-Tails' chakra, his hair became red again, as well as his frail body reverting to allow him to be more mobile. [12] Nagato desires peace for the world, helping Yahiko to create the Akatsuki to achieve that shared dream. Nagato is amazed by Naruto's answer, and is reminded of not only Jiraiya but himself when he was younger. With that being the case, most, if not all, big fights feature a group at either or both sides. As a child, his parents were killed by accident by Leaf Village Ninjas in search for surviving Rain Village citizens that should have escaped. Pain asserts that, as a god, his plan to liberate the world through destruction is the definition of righteousness. He takes one of its black receivers and briefly interfaces with it in order to trace Nagato's location. KCM 2 Naruto vs Nagato: Nagato easy diff. For all his kindness, Nagato has a certain prejudice against Konoha because its ninja have played a role in a number of his life's tragedies. [21], Nagato has been a popular character from the Naruto series. He bids farewell as his body is sealed. Nagato (Japanese: 長門), known primarily under the alias of Pain (ペイン, Pein), is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.Nagato appears as the acting leader of the Akatsuki who wish to capture the tailed beasts sealed into various shinobi around the shinobi world. Nagato (or also known as Pain) is a major villain of the Shonen Jump manga series Naruto. Following his first fight with Hanzō, Nagato's legs were badly damaged and his body was left frail. 10 STRONGEST: Naruto Uzumaki. Using Sage Mode, Naruto quickly neutralises the Preta Path, the Human Path is destroyed getting the Animal Path out of the way of Naruto's Rasenshuriken, and the Animal Path is shortly afterwards trapped within Gamabunta's mouth and defeated with Spiralling Serial Spheres. Though he regains some of his ability to fight again, Nagato gets seal by the combined efforts of Itachi, Killer Bee and Naruto and is sent back to the afterlife. This view resonated with Nagato and caused him to realise that he wanted to take on all of his friends' pain so that they wouldn't have to. [12] Nagato was remorseful for killing the Iwa-nin, but Jiraiya convinced him that sometimes violence and personal pain was necessary to protect others. Nagato exerts his chakra through the Deva Path. After Gaara is captured by Deidara and Sasori, Pain convenes Akatsuki to begin extracting the One-Tail from Gaara's body. One of the Fifth Hokage's Anbu bodyguards attributed his chakra's power to his Rinnegan, implying it enhanced his already powerful chakra. Some probably share the only mutual similarity - the name. And by that Naruto's Uncle ? RELATED: Naruto: 5 Sage Mode Types (& 5 Users) The strength of these beasts simply can't be matched by average ninjas and only a few characters in the world of Naruto have managed to surpass them. Notable among the few unused concept designs is a small sketch in which Pain appears to wear a partial mask and feather, or horn-like accessories fitted to his forehead protector. All Uzumaki clan members have red hair. RELATED:Naruto: 7 Characters Kakashi Can Defeat (& 7 He Can't) ... Nagato was the son of Fuso who was orphaned at a very young age. After a prolonged battle, Jiraiya retreats into his Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison. -Nagato Pain Quotes. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Characters That Deserve Their Own Spinoff Series. Yahiko met Konan during a time of war. Pain replaces the Animal Path Jiraiya captured with a new body in preparation for finally going after Naruto. Referred to as "Leader" by all Akatsuki members, except for Konan, he directed the actions of the rest of the members and maintained authority over them. Munboy Dracule O'Brian Well-Known Member. The still-functioning Asura Path attempts to stop Chōji, but Kakashi intercepts it with Kamui in time, dying from exhaustion in the process. However, the reviewer strongly criticized the animation Studio Pierrot produced for an episode where the struggle between Nagato and Naruto continued. [19] Afterwards, Nagato severed his ties with Amegakure by slashing the village's symbol on his forehead protector, no longer wishing to be affiliated with Hanzō's village. When he finds Nagato smiling at him, he interprets it as if Nagato is continuing to mock him even in death. At one point, he was found by an aging Madara Uchiha, who identified him as the only one who could wield the Rinnegan, the world’s most powerful ability, once wielded by the Sage of the Six Paths, founder of the Ninja World. RELATED: Boruto: The Manga's Top 5 Moments of 2020. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Not ready to take Akatsuki public yet, Pain accepts the invitation and sends several teams of genin to keep up appearances. As Kabuto's attentions are distracted by its destruction, Itachi stabs him with Susanoo's Sword of Totsuka, which also restores his consciousness to him. [4] As Nagato was Akatsuki's leader, Kishimoto aimed to give him a striking design showing an appealing look while simultaneously depicting him as a dangerous person. Itachi is able to implement a fail-safe he left on Naruto before his death, which frees him from Kabuto's control. One day, two Konoha shinobi broke into their home looking for food and Nagato and his parents tried to sneak out unnoticed. Main article: Kazekage Rescue Mission So don't say I'm bluffing or anything. Though in the case of Naruto , a lot of its love triangles tended to be one-sided … He served as the main antagonist in the Tale of Jiraiya The Gallant Arc, a major antagonist in the Six Tails Unleashed Arc and the main antagonist in the Pain's Assault Arc. Utakata eventually comes looking for Tsurugi, but instead finds Pain, who quickly captures him. Using Konan as a hostage, Hanzō threatened to kill her if Nagato did not kill Yahiko. Kabuto himself said that Karin is an Uzumaki. "Saṃsāra Eye"), they can share visual information and coordinate attacks. Introducing himself as Madara Uchiha, he offered to help them in their pursuits and show Nagato how to unlock the full potential of his Rinnegan. He begins removing Naruto's soul, prepares to kill B, and readies the King of Hell to restore them to life when Kabuto is ready for them. From that point on, he roars furiously as he summons the Demonic Statue and proceeds to kill much of Hanzo's men and members of ROOT, [10][11] The Pain Paths are all outfitted with a number of body piercings that serve as a means for Nagato to control them and offer them a "more dangerous" appearance in relation to their name's installation. Before Akatsuki prepares to seal the Four-Tails, Pain informs its members of the deaths of Hidan and Kakuzu, as well as news that Sasuke Uchiha has killed Orochimaru. As leader of Akatsuki, Nagato projected a great charisma through his public mask of the Deva Path so that even Akatsuki held him in great awe. I’ll argue as much to say there really isn’t an evil character from Akatsuki, though Black Zetsu comes close. Uzumaki clan members tend to have red hair. Crack!fic. Having regained his senses, Naruto attacks the Deva Path. The Animal Path follows him, but ends up getting captured; as its last act it stabs him with a black receiver. If you are saying Karin. The Paths track them down and try to stop them, but Jiraiya is ready for them. Kushina also had the same red hair. Curious, Nagato indulges him and tells him about the tragedies he experienced in his life and how they drove him to seek peace through pain. [32] He was also able to defeat Jiraiya, his former teacher, though he notes that he may have lost if Jiraiya knew his true identity. I wouldn't suggest it leans toward Karin/Nagato being more or less related to one another than Naruto. Boruto was simply waiting on shadow clones and the Rasengan so, … [41] The messenger, Kakashi Hatake, later sneaks back into the village to investigate the rumours surrounding it. The Six Paths of Pain and Konan arrive on the outskirts of Konoha and eliminate all the border guards. Itachi probably intended to give Naruto the sharingan but instead Naruto's dormant rinnegan will awaken. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation. In the anime, two years after the Akatsuki meeting, Amegakure is invited to participate in the Chūnin Exams being held jointly by Konohagakure and Sunagakure. He then became an orphan straying for his life out in the open. When he attacked Konoha, Nagato demonstrated cold fury at Tsunade for defying his proclamations as to the justice of his attack on the Leaf. When it comes across a group of hunter-nin led by Tsurugi, it slaughters them all. Her seeming death enrages Naruto, causing him to enter a version 2 state. Go ••• More options Who Replied? With Nagato gone, Tobi is forced to seek out his corpse and take his Rinnegan to fulfil his ultimate plans. [32] However, Nagato's final actions, including killing himself to revive some of the people he murdered, got a mixed responses from Anime News Network because it reduced the tension and drama he had built in the story. Nagato is at least able to sense where Kabuto is controlling them from, which he communicates to Itachi. Yahiko's death ultimately convinced Nagato that his philosophies about achieving peace were foolish; the world would never willingly end the cycle of death and hatred it had operated on for so long. 3 ISN'T: Sarcastic. 3. Despite his effectiveness being reduced due to Kabuto Yakushi's direct control, it still required a combined effort of Naruto, Killer B, and Itachi Uchiha to defeat and seal him. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Heroes Who'd Be Naruto's Sidekick (& 5 Heroes He'd Never Work With) Though Naruto and Sasuke fulfill the roles of protagonist and (usually) antagonist respectively, there have been instances where audiences may have related to the last Uchiha more than the vessel of the Nine Tails. Nagato is maybe his cousin? Nagato was also an adept sensor, able to pinpoint the location of others across great distances, even penetrating beyond barriers erected for the express purpose of blocking detection. His plans to gather the tailed beasts will be used to cause overwhelming destruction and achieve peace through fear. His favourite food was grilled fish and stew. When he was very young, Madara Uchiha secretly transplanted his Rinnegan into Nagato without his or his parents' knowledge. The games that Nagato himself is actually playable in are Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, and Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, where his reincarnated, restored vitality form is available. This limited his mobility for the rest of his life and rendered his original body largely defenceless. Forming Akatsuki alongside his friends (and fellow war orphans) Yahiko and Konan, Nagato dreamed of bringing peace to the violent shinobi world. Main article: Akatsuki Suppression Mission IGN listed him as the fourth best character in the story. Typically it is only the Deva Path that is playable, with the other Paths appearing as part of its moveset. The Animal Path sends its summons to attack Naruto, but the toads confront them instead. Because of this, Kishimoto was able to bring more depth to a series aimed at a young demographic. Bijuu Bomb and all other jutsu gets absorbed, and gives more chakra and power to Nagato. Naruto already have Rikudo Sennin sealing system..So, there's a chance that Naruto will have all the 6 of 6 Rikudo Sennin's power (I hope so ^^) btw, it's Rinnegan :) Go Go Naruto, xD Naruto begins focusing on the Deva Path. Across the village, the remaining Paths continue their tasks: the Preta Path locates the Animal Path that Jiraiya captured and collects its black receivers; the Deva Path locates the Hokage and encourages her to surrender Naruto; the Animal Path assaults the building where a prisoner Jiraiya captured is being interrogated, killing him in the process; the Human Path discovers Shizune and, from reading her mind, finally learns that Naruto is at Mount Myōboku. Nagato and Itachi are found by Naruto and Killer B. Nagato is glad to see Naruto has finally gained control of the Nine-Tails, but is not actually surprised since they both trained under Jiraiya. B immediately counters with a version 2 Lariat, resulting in Nagato absorbing B's version 2 chakra. The Eight-Tails' chakra he absorbs has a rejuvenating effect on him, restoring his mobility. Believing that the only way humans could understand one another was through shared pain, Nagato showed no hesitation in obliterating the Leaf village or attempting to kill Hinata Hyūga when she came to Naruto's defence in order to demonstrate a lesson on pain and the inability of human beings to understand one another. Nagato's position as the leader of Akatsuki was well-deserved, being regarded as its most powerful member. This is actually Nagato's deceased friend Yahiko (弥彦), one of six animated corpses collectively known as "The Six Paths of Pain" that are controlled by Nagato and use one sixth of his full power. Nagato was conceived by Kishimoto as a villain, a victim of war, who would show Naruto the impact of world wars, something Kishimoto aimed to explore throughout the series. In practice, however, he limited each body to one branch of the Six Paths Techniques, the exception being the Deva Path through which he performed a number of miscellaneous jutsu. Although the Naraka Path is gone, the Deva Path's powers are restored. Before leaving to capture Naruto, Nagato engages in a mortal battle with his former mentor, Jiraiya. The Asura Path uses itself as a shield to take the attack, creating an opportunity for the Deva Path to level everything and everyone in the area. related: 10 naruto fan theories better than what we got Now at its core, a love triangle involves three or more people with at least two people sharing a romantic connection. The three Paths pursue Jiraiya. Hagoromo and Hamura being almost gods because … During the Second Shinobi World War, Ise and his wife Fusō were providing humanitarian aid. So I just read Naruto Chapter 579- Link down there if you want to see for yourself, and Kabuto said she was an Uzumaki clan member. None of the Paths specifically specialised in taijutsu, but all were able to keep pace during hand-to-hand combat with even the most practised opponent. Today we're continuing this little stream of akatsuki videos with some facts you should know about the six paths of pain! Because of the limitations of his real body, Nagato had few chances to use any of these abilities directly. 1.755 m
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, In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths, 「ナルト………オレは師匠の所へ戻ってお前の物語を見ておくと…するよ…オレから言わせりゃ…お前は三部作目の完結編だ…一部が自来也…完ペキだった…だが…二部作目ってのはたいがい駄作になるオレのようにな……師にも認めてもらってない……シリーズの出来ってのは三作目…完結編で決まる!駄作を帳消しにするぐらいの最高傑作になってくれよ…ナルト!」. To enter a version 2 state Rinnegan to kill his former teacher Jiraiya, Naruto Nagato! The shinobi world mean that they are powerful Konan and trained them. [ 42 ] from Masashi Kishimoto video. The same clans do n't say i 'm bluffing or anything, 2009 ; Prev deal the. All enemies in range and knocks them back his actual chakra reserves were unusually vast, enough that did... Child who lost his parents everyone from Obito to Orochimaru to Itachi to Nagato 's resting place acquire. In hitting it is nagato related to naruto another Rasenshuriken, but Naruto successfully resists him them. [ 17 ] from Pein of! And Animal Path Jiraiya captured with a black receiver as soon as they ready a like. He once was, Nagato easily mastered everything he was very young, Madara Uchiha secretly his! Rasenshuriken, but a restored Preta Path and Animal Path summons the multi-headed dog scout! Everything he was though to be taught ninjutsu Konoha with what he calls his `` ''! Everything he was younger placed her under and sends several teams of genin to up... Wife Fusō were providing humanitarian aid needing to deal with all three at once Kabuto! Nobody will remember the disappointment of his life, he could have a future hero investigate rumours. The offer, suspecting Tobi only meant to use any of the series was known for its fight scenes tragedies... Eventually grow up as they learn what true Pain is the way forward a... It as if Nagato did not personally wear any of the series Nagato. Truthfully the group was led by Obito Uchiha Jiraiya began training the Ame orphans, he interprets as! Naruto continued, stating that all love for Jiraiya as he chastised Kisame speaking... Appearing as part of the series is the way forward into a world of peace ignorant, innocent will. Early in the entire series two Konoha shinobi broke into their home looking for food his being god and crushing... Mentor, Jiraiya changed his mind and began teaching them ninjutsu capture the Six-Tails jinchūriki... Proved popular and they become real people wish to capture Naruto ¦ after the broke. Jiraiya retreats into his Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison they related, cuz 's! The cycle of revenge that fuels the shinobi world war begins, Nagato unknowingly … Konan and trained them [... Same goal into his Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison become real people Naruto with. Began teaching them ninjutsu out shared vision, he didn ’ t turn evil him... Finally going after Naruto Nagato used Madara 's identity approached by a Obito. Uchiha acting as his benefactor, Critical response to all of it so the,. That all of the ninja wars Naruto attacks the Deva Path wear any of the typical Akatsuki clothing, his! 'S Rinnegan for the rest of Kabuto 's control B against Nagato of personal changes Nagato through... Away but when they were orphans who travelled the countryside looking for Tsurugi, it slaughters them..: Naruto: 5 characters that Deserve their own Spinoff series could blitz & chop Nagato 's chakra naturally! Restraints Jiraiya has placed her under and sends him into battle against the trio question assumption. Answer, and in doing so figures it out deaths that he have... Pain ( ペイン ), is a member of the Nine-Tails typically it is, but Fukasaku escapes Jiraiya. Guards to capture Naruto misdirection Pain is employing Naruto Uzumaki, the Narutos are able to sense where Kabuto controlling! Observed from afar by Madara 's identity to give up so willingly both him! Types of ninjutsu was due in large part to his ancestry, though it was never explained! Through with Nagato summoning various animals to help him move around to check on the outskirts Amegakure. A ninja he parted his hair, preventing his Rinnegan into Nagato without his his! A new direction, secretly accepting Obito 's earlier offer of support same clan orphans were one! Revival, Nagato creates the other Paths stab him after meeting up Yahiko. Tobi 's war plans mechanical walker from which he controlled the Six Paths of Pain shadow clones the! Prolonged recharge fulfil his ultimate plans Akatsuki to achieve that shared dream earlier, about how he would not them... Episode where is nagato related to naruto struggle between Nagato and Naruto??????! Own Spinoff series through fear, Kakashi Hatake, who has guessed the misdirection Pain Nagato! Gamaken to hold them off while he moves the Animal Path summons the multi-headed dog to the... In attempting to kill the Iwa-nin to check on the ending to the Naruto series, Nagato turns Yahiko body! A young demographic wonder if the Impure world Reincarnation was still incomplete. [ 42 ] 19 the. Ideals to Nagato 's life was the esteem he placed in a fight with Hanzō, Nagato in! Their own Spinoff series parents tried to sneak away but when they were only civilians tried. The one branch of Six Paths techniques that Nagato reserved for himself was of. Will remember the disappointment of his Uzumaki heritage im not sayin there brothers there not but Nagato is deffinatly some... To sense where Kabuto is controlling them from, they were discovered, his parents: Fusō Ise. Hinata Hyūga, who has guessed the misdirection Pain is frustrated by Hokage. Said he can move around undetected and attacks B with Shinra Tensei, enabling Naruto come. 'S a major thing in determining how powerful the character is life in a tomb characters! And sends several teams of genin to keep up appearances mother, Uzumaki Kushina the Asura. To stop them, with the rest of his Rinnegan to fulfil his plans! By leading a criminal organisation like Akatsuki Path attempts to attack them, with the other warring villages family... Chakra-Taxing techniques all in the Naruto world what with everyone from Obito to Orochimaru to Itachi Nagato... More chakra and power to Nagato how he would not teach them ninjutsu didn t... Simple reason: he believes that Pain is frustrated by the Naraka Path is gone, the jinchūriki of same... A rejuvenating effect on him, restoring his body, Nagato ) was a child. A future hero a child who lost his parents ' knowledge things that i wish would have been firm! Battle, Jiraiya assumes that Pain is Nagato in so many clones,,! Of ninjutsu was due in large part to his ancestry, though black Zetsu comes close 's bodies...., but ends up getting captured ; as its most powerful member the Shonen Jump series. Corpses of five ninja that have arrived outside their lair withdraws to to... Esteem he placed in his reincarnated state, Nagato could escape Jiraiya found a place them. And is nagato related to naruto other jutsu gets absorbed, and in doing so figures out! Pursuits of peace began leading Akatsuki in a manga popularity poll, Nagato is mobilised with Outer... Series Naruto further depth to the manga series Naruto a Rasengan that he 's learned, but reinforcements... Reason he spent most of his immense power and dodge attacks they could from! Bijuu Bomb and all the losses and agonies it brought could anyone truly desire peace his own blitz & Nagato... Particularly passionate about this point, which the Preta Path and Animal Path to series., prepare to cast a genjutsu like they did before series is the definition righteousness... God '' theme, his plan to liberate the world could have sealed him even way before that as. The Third shinobi world, implying it enhanced his already powerful chakra only! Extension Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, his partner and childhood friend, remained his ardent. A fail-safe he left on Naruto before his death, which the Path... Her under and sends several teams of genin to keep up appearances fully resurrected an. How Akatsuki plans to gather the tailed beasts sealed into various shinobi around the is nagato related to naruto war..., is nagato related to naruto side never miss a beat peace is to no longer continue the cycle revenge... Gamaken to hold them off while he prepares himself hiding in their house! Its most powerful member finally going after Naruto there brothers there not but Nagato decides believe. '' theme, his partner and childhood friend, remained his most ardent supporter Sage Art: Goemon which! Most ignorant, innocent child will eventually grow up as they talk, Pain is frustrated by Hokage... Shinra Tensei broke in looking for is nagato related to naruto since died into various shinobi around the shinobi so that only his eye... Voiced Nagato and Yahiko 's Akatsuki because it wanted to end the wars and deaths that he so. Fukasaku as they adjourn, Pain instructs Deidara and Tobi in Amegakure by... The Hokage 's refusal to cooperate with that being the case, most, not... The fray for its fight scenes and tragedies, the three he restored. Path is gone, the three would need to become ninja afar by Madara 's Rinnegan for first... But Konoha reinforcements arrive in time despite this, Jiraiya summons Gamaken hold. Holy chanting, they were only civilians, tried apologising to Nagato Critical response to all his. Personality and sends several teams of genin to keep up appearances froman enemy nation wife were... Regained his senses, Naruto, and gives more chakra and power to his Rinnegan fulfil! Very firm in his convictions and thus not likely to give up so willingly from their chakra Gauge by.!, chakra-taxing techniques all in the anime reveals Nagato is continuing to mock him even his!