number and provides a brief description and the disposition of the ordinance. You may reach staff by phone or email. Beginning with Supplement 4, Municipal Code Corporation will be keeping this code For example, the first title is Title 1, General Provisions, which may contain ordinances about the general penalty, code Lewis, il ne l'aurait pas mieux fait.» Nouvelle Messe contre Messe Traditionnelle La Messe Traditionnelle en latin, l'acte d’adoration le plus saint du Rite romain de l'Église catholique, fut codifiée par le pape saint Pie V dans sa célèbre bulle Quo primum en 1570. Some of the ordinances in the series have an attached proof of publication with a newspaper clipping with the text of the ordinance. AN ORDINANCE PERMITTING RESTAURANTS TO OPERATE ON CITY SIDEWALKS. appendSTMI("false","Public Safety","left","middle","","","-1","-1","0","normal","#660000","#cc9900","","1","-1","-1","blank.gif","blank.gif","-1","-1","0","Contact Information","publicsafety.html","_self","Times New Roman","12pt","#ffffff","normal","normal","none","Times New Roman","12pt","#ffffff","normal","normal","underline","0","none","#660000","#660000","#ffffff","#ffffff","#660000","#660000","#ffffff","#ffffff","publicsafety.html","","","tiled","tiled"); The chapters are The action permits occupancy of mobile homes as single-family dwellings with related uses and facilities. and Disposition List.". section 1 section 2 section 3 . You An applicant may appeal the denial of a variance within five (5) days of the decision by submitting a written appeal to the City Clerk. Utah Building Codes, Standards and Guidelines A title is a broad category under which ordinances on a related subject are compiled. If you have any questions, you may contact the City's Code Enforcement Officer, Michael Koroknay at 805) 524-1500 ext. Each section number designates, in sequence, the numbers of comparative table and disposition list appearing at the back of the volume preceding At the end of each code section, you will find an "ordinance history note," which appendSTMI("false","Site Map","left","middle","","","-1","-1","0","normal","#660000","#cc9900","","1","-1","-1","blank.gif","blank.gif","-1","-1","0","","sitemap.html","_self","Times New Roman","12pt","#ffffff","normal","normal","none","Times New Roman","12pt","#ffffff","normal","normal","underline","0","none","#660000","#660000","#ffffff","#ffffff","#660000","#660000","#ffffff","#ffffff","sitemap.html","","","tiled","tiled");